60th Anniversary
Peleliu Remembered

In September 2004, These Veterans, and others, returned to Peleliu. Click this picture to see the Photo Album.

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Note: Battle photos are in black and white and the reunion pictures are in color

The People:

Jack Thomas, Joe Clapper, Glenn Tycer, Gene Goodwin, Melvin Simons, Charles Womack, Leo Griego, Tsuchida Kitokazu

Gabe Ineichen, George Thomas, Jane Shank, Jim Pilkington, Jack Thomas, Charles Womack, Leo Griego

Gabe Ineichen, Tsuchida Kitokazu

Leo Griego, Bill Cumbaa, Tsuchida Kitokazu, Jack Thomas, Charles Womack

Gene Goodman, Charles Womack

Gabe Ineichen and Bill Cumbaa

Bill Cumbaa

Charles Womack

There wasn’t enough room in the Photo Album to list all the names associated with the group pictures, so I have them reposted here.
Click any picture to see the names of the people.

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